Call for Papers

Call for Papers for Special Issue of Risk Analysis “Global Systemic Risk and Resilience for Coronavirus COVID-19”. 
This call for papers on the theme of “Global Systemic Risk and Resilience for the Wuhan Coronavirus” is intended to indicate insights and viewpoints from scholars regarding risk and resilience analytics for policy making and operations of large-scale systems on this epidemic.Submission deadline: November 30, 2020. 

Authors are encouraged to submit their articles addressing the theme of this special issue. This call is coordinated between the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) and the Social and Economic Security Technical Committee of the IEEE Systems Man and Cybernetics Society and the Analytics and Risk Technical Committee of the IEEE Systems Council. Topics of Interest:

The special issue aims to address the following, but not limited to, potential topics in epidemic risk and resilience modeling and applications:

Innovative strategies to limit risk of microbial disease propagation
Mitigate risk in healthcare with advanced analytics
Queuing modeling in healthcare addressing microbial events Simulation of microbial disease outbreak events
Global supply chains for healthcare emergencies
Big data-driven microbial health risk identification
AI-based epidemic network analysis
Estimating the risk of global economic costs of Coronavirus
MCDM models in field of microbial and healthcare risk management
Pattern recognition in epidemic risk analysis How to manage risk of future outbreaks (prevention, control and treatment)
Response models during epidemic outbreaks IoT application in microbial risk and healthcare Interdisciplinary approaches and decision-making tools in microbial and healthcare risk analysis Cloud-based framework for social media analysis
Emergency management of resource allocation Humanitarian logistics dealing with uncertainties Risk communication for international government and non-government entities
Other topics related to microbial stressors and risk analytics For full submission guidelines, click here.

Submission deadline: November 30, 2020



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